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Posted by Lara Stasiw on March 23, 2019
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How To Declutter Your Wardrobe

Decluttering your mind starts at home, & for me, with my wardrobe!

Whether you are planning to move in the near future or not, de-cluttering and organizing your space is ALWAYS on my suggestion list!
Bringing peace to your surroundings brings peace to your mind and daily activities.

Marie Kondo

I’m probably not alone in this… but I got on a binge-spree watching Marie Kondo on Netflix’s “Tidying Up” one weekend last month (yes I’m a little late getting this blog out!).

Fast forward through my Saturday AND Sunday (17 hours later…) and I was back in love with my closets! Yes I spent that entire time on ONLY Step One of her KonMari method…

She was able to write a whole book and develop an entire tv series on decluttering… I will just take you through a few steps!

"Keep" Pile

After piling everything onto my bed, I began to sort into 3 piles. The “Keep” pile was the most challenging because it seemed I wanted to keep and had a “realistic” use for everything! After a lot of self-convincing, I was able to purge, focusing on the positives of having a decluttered and organized closet.

My “Keep” Pile Included
  • Everything I wear on a regular basis
  • Everything I want to wear on a regular basis
  • Practical items
  • Sentimental Items
  • and those few pieces I just can’t part with…
That’s when my obsession with organization took over and I separated everything even further based on:
  • Style and season
  • Hang vs fold
  • Every day wear vs formal wear

Finally I colour coded everything and put it on its appropriate hanger.
(yes I have different hangers for different categories & so everything looks uniform… don’t judge!!!)

My closet was a masterpiece. I have never been so excited to get dressed in the mornings!


"Sell" Pile

My “Sell” Pile Included
  • Everything that was still in good enough condition that I would want to buy it myself
  • Gently used items
  • Items with the tag still on (there were more of these than I care to admit…)

I then separated these items based on season and brought everything that fell into a “warmer weather” category to Common Sort!

"Donate" Pile

I tend to go through my closet a few times a year to purge and donate.
This pile was pretty small this time around because the majority remaining were in great condition so were put in the “Sell” pile.

Any articles of clothing that Common Sort didn’t buy either because it was out of season or didn’t work with their current inventory I donated!


"Garbage" Pile

A very small pile of a few things that are in REALLY rough condition & weren’t worth salvaging.

While decluttering can be a long and gruelling process, it is worth it in the end. Not only does it allow you to become re-acquainted with your wardrobe, looking at existing pieces in a new light, it frees up space and makes you excited about what you own! Peace of mind starts at home.
An organized space = an organized mind!

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